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Relaxation Therapies

Holistic Therapies

A range of natural, holistic treatment are available via Skype. When we are more relaxed and in tune with our body, mind and nature, we are better able to cope with day to day stresses and our overall health can improve. Take some time out to relax, unwind and re-connect.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method, my clients report a deep sense of calm following a reiki treatment. Some report that it helps them through emotional or difficult times. As Reiki deals with energy, it is not bound by time or space, therefore distance treatments can be provided if needed.

Reiki is not associated with a particular religion, anyone can receive a treatment, including the very young, people who are frail or unwell and animals.

Reiki can help the body and mind to relax, it does not diagnose or treat particular issues. Instead, the aim is to improve overall general wellbeing and instil a sense of peace and calm.

I have completed Reiki Level 3 training, which is Master Practitioner Level. I have also undertaken further training in providing Reiki for Animals.

 £30 - 30 Minutes



Flower & Bach Remedies

A beautifully subtle, delicate, yet powerful holistic therapy. The individual remedies are associated with a different emotion.

Flowers are so beautiful and for most people the sight of flowers helps to cheer heart and soul. Using Flower Remedies can help to connect us to nature on a deeper level.

Your appointment lasts an hour and includes a full consultation and selection of appropriate flower remedies. You will also receive a bespoke remedy via post included in the price.

How are Remedies Made?

Remedies capture the energetic essence of the flowers. The flowers are chosen intuitively or by action and left in water in a sunny position. The water takes on

the vibration of the remedy and it is bottled along with alcohol preservative.

How are Remedies Taken?

Remedies are taken internally, a few drops in a glass of water. Or they can

be applied topically to the pulse points, added to a lotion, to a bath or made into a

essential oil room and aura mist.


Bach Flower Remedies.

Dr Edward Bach was a physician, bacteriologist and pathologist who trained in Medicine at Birmingham University. From 1917 he treated wounded soldiers returning home from the war in France. Dr Bach researched vaccines but went to work at a homeopathic hospital in London. He wanted a way of treating the whole person holistically and healing people without needing needles or invasive treatments.  


Your appointment includes time to examine your emotions and for reflection whilst selecting appropriate remedies for your individual circumstances. Why not get in touch to book an appointment and invite these beautiful remedies into your life?

Treatment lasts approx. 1 hour including a consultation and creation of a bespoke blend which you can keep.

£40 - 1 hour 

















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