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Welcome to Luna Rose Botanicals!    

I'm Hayley, ex nurse, natural skin care lover and Mummy to a beautiful baby boy.


Luna Rose Botanicals were created due to my own experience of menstrual cycle related acne, which was compounded by stress and lifestyle.  

As a teenager, I didn't really have many problems with my skin, but in my twenties and early thirties... I had painful acne each month on my chin, which would just start to improve...before the next round began! My makeup would slide off by lunch time and I had to literally mop my skin with paper towels in the loo, so embarrassing!  

It really knocked my confidence. I felt like I just wanted to hide away, I expect that you've maybe felt this way too.


Me in 2007 aged 23, a rare photograph which shows my spotty chin.

I had drawers full of half empty 'miracle creams' which all promised amazing results. They'd work for a while, but then seem to make the problem worse... sound familiar!?!

Is it any wonder, our skin fluctuates throughout our cycle each month and has different needs during each week, therefore our products need to change with it, light bulb moment!

The harsh 'oil minimising' products I was using, were in fact robbing my skin of a healthy, balanced sebum (oil) production. My skin was parched, causing more oil to produce, leaving me with oil slick skin and hard, painful spots under my chin. A vicious circle!

From extensive research and my ongoing studies with Formula Botanica the accredited global skincare school, I now know exactly what our skin needs and it isn't harsh, drying ingredients.

When our skin appears oily, it's actually craving nourishing oils, butters and soothing natural extracts. I know this sounds counterintuitive and we've been conditioned to avoid oil for oily skin, but natural oils and butters help to balance and rejuvenate the complexion, reducing spots and revealing a healthy glow. You can find out more about how our skin fluctuates each month and how Luna Rose Botanicals can support your skin each cycle here.

Since creating Luna Rose Botanicals, my skin has improved dramatically! So much so, I now rarely wear makeup and when I do, it's a light dusting of mineral powder, no need for heavy foundations. My skin feels fresh and free, so my confidence has soared.    

I'm so proud to be able to share Luna Rose Botanicals and help other women struggling with the crushing embarrassment and discomfort of acne and spots related to their cycle.

After experiencing stress and anxiety, I've also learnt that we, as women, are cyclic beings.

We are happiest and less stressed when living in ebb and flow. Modern life forces us to live in very linear ways, we often expect ourselves to be 100% all the time and feel guilty for resting or taking time out.   

Of course this isn't sustainable, which is why so many of us feel stressed and burnt out! That's why Luna Rose Botanicals is not only a skin care range, but also a self-care system.  


I'm also passionate about community, women supporting women, which is why I created our online group, where you can join the Luna Rose Sisterhood.

I hope that you LOVE the range as much as I do. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Lots of Love,

Hayley xxx   




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