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My Journey


The development of Luna Rose Botanicals has been quite a journey and I'm happy to share in the hope that my story can bring positivity and hope to women who may be experiencing something similar.

I'd experienced ongoing stress for years since qualifying as a nurse, at some times it was easier, sometimes harder, but I generally felt stressed for most of the time between 2010 and 2018. This impacted on my health, physically, mentally and emotionally. I turned to holistic therapies for support, eventually training in them to help others. 

In 2017 my menstrual cycle ground to a halt and was absent for around 5 months, I was told that I had polycystic ovaries after a scan. At the time, I was working in stressful, masculine energy workplaces, pushing myself and working in ways that didn't align with my values.

I knew intuitively that this was something that I needed to heal myself, starting with reducing stress, reconnecting with my feminine nature, cutting my sugar intake and generally improving my lifestyle and wellbeing. I also became drawn to work closely with the moon phases, having been told by a wonderful healer that working with the moon could regulate our cycle. 



In order to do this, I intuitively chose crystals and essential oils to work with at each stage of my luna phases initially. I began to chart the moon cycle and noticed that the oils I was drawn to changed, depending where I was in the cycle, but were the same or similar at each phase each month. After just two months working with the moon, re-connecting with my feminine nature and working with crystals and aromatherapy, my cycle returned and remained healthy and regular ever since, I continued to chart my menstrual cycle and the Luna phases.

I continued to research the Divine Feminine, the menstrual cycle, moon phases and our inherent cyclic nature as women. After 6 months or so, it became clear that I should help other women to honour their cyclic nature through aromatherapy, skin rituals and the moon. A further year of research and preparation, Luna Rose Botanicals was born!

In 2018 I trained as a Moon Mother with the wonderful Miranda Grey. As a Moon Mother I can perform Womb Healing and Blessings. You can also join in the free of charge 5 x a year World Wide Womb Blessing here to receive womb healing energy for yourself remotely.

I truly believe that giving myself space to re-connect with my Womb energy, my cycle and cyclic nature, enabled me to welcome my cycle back. Now, I see my cycle as a joyous, monthly celebration of womanhood. I no longer dread it or ignore it and I encourage you to do the same.



Sadly the menstrual cycle has been shamed, medicated and ignored for so long now that we think this is normal. In fact, the menstrual cycle holds so much wisdom, if we tune in to her.

By having an awareness of the energies of each phase, which link with the energies of the moon and the seasons, we have an individualised blueprint for life and a ready made internal compass to plan our life by. We don’t need to rush about at 100% every minute of every day. It’s ok to take time and space when needed.

I'm pleased to say that during a maternity scan I was told that I no longer have polycystic ovaries! This was awesome and very unexpected news, as indeed was finding out that I was pregnant! We have now welcomed our beautiful baby boy into our family. Working for myself from home enables me to be with our son and I am so grateful to my customers for supporting my business. 


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