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Magical Menstrual Cycle



Luna Rose Botanicals is a collection of aromatherapy skincare, bath and sacred rituals, which can be used in harmony with your menstrual cycle. It's recommended to use each range for around one week in tune with your cycle. Your order will arrive with a card to remind you of the phases.   

We've been mis-led for centuries that our period is something to hide, be embarrassed about and never talk about. Thankfully things are changing, these are exciting times!

Pioneers such as The Red SchoolMiranda Grey and Lucy H Pearce are illuminating the way, supporting women to re-connect with the magic and mysteries of our period. From years of research, it is my feeling that our period should be honoured, celebrated and revered. This knowledge is now being re-learnt, our ancestors knew the magic of our bleed and women were seen as sacred goddesses of creation. 

Did you know, that each phase of our cycle has it's own energies, traits and gifts? which we can harness and work with to create an amazing life of ease and flow. 

Here is a very brief outline of the phases and how they relate to Luna Rose products. There is a world of knowledge on line and I recommend that you more, the links above are an amazing place to start.  



Awaken - Pre-Ovulation the week after your bleed - You may find that your energy is beginning to rise after your bleed. Take it steady, you don't wan't to peak to soon and be worn out for the rest of your cycle. You may feel drawn to plan, schedule activities, learn, grow, this is the time we may be at our most logical and analytical. 

Radiance - Ovulation around two weeks after your bleed, at this time you may feel most sensual, most creative, tolerant, confident and like your living in flow. This is a great time to be socialise or plan important meetings. 

Harmony - Pre-Menstrual around a week before your bleed, you may find that you become critical of yourself or others. It's so liberating once you know to expect this. Use this critic as a tool to figure out if there's anything you need to change in your life. Don't be hasty though, wait until after your period before you make any decisions! Be kind to yourself, lots of self care and nurturing is recommended. 

Restore - During your bleed. This is the time to rest, try to schedule some down time where you can just rest, day dream, draw, paint, write, meditate or otherwise just be with your thoughts. Unfortunately society often dictates that we plow on, despite the urgent need to rest. This may result in worse period associated pain or symptoms. Be as kind to yourself as possible, if you can book a holiday, get a baby sitter or plan a day at home, this is the time to do it. Support yourself during your bleed and it sets you up for the rest of the cycle.

Whilst it's important to rest during your bleed, Luna Rose Botanicals encourage rest and mindful pause during all phases. The products provide an opportunity to take time out of your day to bathe in aromatherapy bubbles and relaxing bath salts or apply a calming face mask.

Self care is a priority and you are worth it.

Everyone is individual and Luna Rose recommend that you begin to chart your cycle, make a note each day, or most days in your diary or a note book. Record how you feel, if you are bleeding, how heavy is the flow. Do you have any emotional or physical signs, such as feeling tearful, comfort eating or having a headache.

Over time, marking these observations will allow you to create a picture of your cycle and even enable you to schedule your life in tune with your cycle. Making space to rest and retreat during your bleed.

Luna Rose Botanicals help women to re-connect to their menstrual cycle, their authentic self and the cycles in nature, to bring harmony not only to their skin, but also their wellbeing.  




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