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Skin and Self Care for your Menstrual Cycle

Luna Rose Botanicals are a collection of aromatherapy  skincare, bath and sacred rituals that can be used in harmony with your menstrual cycle.

With specific supportive ingredients for your skin and wellbeing at each phase, it's recommended to use each range for around one week in tune with your cycle. Your order will arrive with a card to remind you of the phases.    

Did you know, that as well as affecting your skin, each phase of our cycle has its own energies, traits and gifts, which we can harness and work with to create an amazing life of ease and flow?  

Here is a very brief outline of the phases and how they relate to Luna Rose products.


Awaken Range - Pre-Ovulation, the week after your period - You may find that your energy is beginning to rise now. You may feel drawn to plan, schedule activities, learn, grow, this is the time we may be at our most logical and analytical. During Pre-Ovulation, oestrogen is higher than progesterone meaning that your skin may require moisture and hydration. Hydrating, refreshing, balancing and restorative ingredients, such as geranium, calendula and bergamot are included.

Radiance Range - Ovulation around two weeks after your period - At this time you may feel most sensual, most creative, tolerant, confident and like you're living in flow. This is a great time to be social, or plan important meetings. During Ovulation, oestrogen and testosterone levels are highest, skin is likely to look its best at this time, you are radiant! Sensual, calming ingredients that hydrate and moisturise are included in this range, such as ylang yang, chamomile and neroli.   

Harmony Range- Pre-Menstrual around a week before your period - You may find that you become critical of yourself, it's so liberating once you know to expect this! Be kind to yourself, lots of self care and nurturing is recommended. During the week before your period, oestrogen starts to fall, skin may become more inflamed, oilier and more susceptible to blemishes. Calming, astringent and balancing ingredients, such as lavender, yarrow, cedarwood and rose are included.

Restore Range - During your period - This is the time to rest, try to schedule some down time where you can just daydream, draw, paint, write, meditate, or otherwise just be with your thoughts. During your period oestrogen and progesterone levels are falling, sebum production reduces and skin may look duller and lack moisture. Skin may be drier, less oily or inflamed, therefore soothing rose de mai, anti-inflammatory horse chestnut and hawthorn and rejuvenating frankincense are included in this range.   

Whilst it's most important to rest and release anything that can wait during your period, Luna Rose Botanicals encourage rest and mindful pause during all phases. The products provide an opportunity to take time out of your day to enjoy the fragrance of essential oil moisturisers, bathe in aromatherapy bubbles, or apply a calming face mask.

Self care is a priority and you are worth it.

Everyone is individual and we recommend that you begin to chart your cycle, make a note each day, or most days in your diary or a note book. Luna Rose Botanicals aim to help women to re-connect to their menstrual cycle, their authentic self and the cycles in nature, to bring harmony not only to their skin, but also their wellbeing.   




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