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Mother Nature is my biggest inspiration and she gives me so much joy.

For this reason Luna Rose Botanicals aim to be as ethical and sustainable as possible and I am always striving for even better sustainability. Luna Rose Botanicals contain organic essential oils and botanicals and natural, vegan ingredients, utilising high quality, fair trade, ingredients, from trusted suppliers with sound eco policies.  

All creations are tested by very willing humans, and never on animals, I only use suppliers that have no animal testing policies.

My products are supplied in amber jars or bottles, these can be reused/recycled at home, or returned to be refilled for your next purchase. Please contact me if you'd like to arrange a return. I try to use suppliers who use sustainable packaging, I save any brown packing paper, cardboard boxes and plastic or foam packing to reuse in my deliveries.
The cotton bags are organic and even my hand stamp for the labels is reclaimed wood. I use organic essential oils that support nature and sustainable farming and vegan ingredients, fairly traded whenever possible.
Not only this, but as a small, one person producer I have tiny energy consumption compared with huge factories and manufacturing plants. I walk to work, reducing my energy consumption even further.
Finally, I donate each month to TreeSisters: women seeding change, who are re-planting the worlds rainforests. I recommend that you check them out.
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