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Distance Reiki session


Distance Reiki sessions are available at a time convenient to you. 

Reiki is not bound by time or space and can be given via any didtance, just as easily as providing treatments in person.

Distance Reiki can be provided in two ways. 

1) I set up the therapy space with incense, candles or crystals and send Reiki to you at an agreed time.

2) I set up the space as above and we Skype as I send Reiki.

My clients report a deep sense of calm following a reiki treatment. Some report that it helps them through emotional or difficult times.

Reiki is not associated with a particular religion, anyone can receive a treatment, including the very young, people who are frail or unwell and animals.

Reiki helps the body and mind to relax, it does not diagnose or treat particular issues. Instead, the aim is to improve overall general wellbeing and instil a sense

of peace and calm.  

Please purchase your session here and email with your name and phone number to book an appointment.



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