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Bespoke Flower Remedy Consultations via Skype or FaceTime

Bach Flower Remedies


A beautifully subtle, delicate, yet powerful holistic therapy. The individual remedies are associated with a different emotion.

 Flowers are so beautiful and for most people the sight of flowers helps to cheer heart and soul. Using Flower Remedies can help to connect us to nature on a deeper level.

As Bach flower remedies work on an emotional level, they are perfect for times of worry, stress, trauma or grief. 

Your appointment lasts an hour and includes a full consultation and selection of bespoke appropriate flower remedies, suitable for you and your current circumstances.

You will also receive a bespoke remedy posted to you at home. 




How are Remedies Taken?

Remedies are taken internally, a few drops in a glass of water. Or they can

be applied topically to the pulse points, added to a lotion, to a bath or made into a

essential oil room and aura mist. 



Many people have used the popular "Rescue Remedy" which is a combination of 5 remedies for shock and stress. This is handy to use in an emergency but does not allow for individualised selection of the remedies.  

Your appointment includes time to examine your emotions and for reflection whilst selecting appropriate remedies for your individual circumstances. Why not get in touch to book an appointment and invite these beautiful remedies into your life?

Consultations last approx. 45 minutes and include the creation of a bespoke blend which is posted to you at home.

Please email to book

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