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Aromatherapy Consultations

Aromatherapy consultations carried out via Skype or Zoom. 

These sessions are suitable for pregnant women wishing to add essential oils to their Muma Moon Moisturiser, or those looking for advice on aromatherapy during pregnancy. 

Essential oils can provide support and relief during pregnancy for many different pregnancy associated ailments, such as swollen ankles, heart burn, general fatigue, aches and pains, anxiety and insomnia. 




These appointments are also suitable for anyone who would like to use essential oils at home, but who may have a medical condition or be taking medication and who wish to ensure there is no medical reason not to use certain oils. 

A bespoke aromatherapy blend, either as a body or bath oil, or room spray can be provided for an additional fee, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


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Please also check out my Introduction to Aromatherapy online course. Learn about essential oils, aromatherapy, safe use, storage, methods of application and create your own magical intention spray. As well as learning about 13 essential oils for health and wellbeing.