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Menstrual Cycle Skincare - Synching your skincare ingredients to your cycle

Have you ever noticed that your skin changes throughout each phase of your monthly cycle?   

If you're like me, I used to have a vague idea that my skin was always spottier just before my period. It never occurred to me to really try to understand why, or to change my skincare accordingly. I just thought that was how it was!

Actually, your skin changes throughout your monthly cycle. Even if you don't really notice much of a difference, your skin will be changing due to hormonal fluctuations. By being aware of this changes and changing up your skincare routine, you can really maximise your skin at each stage. 

So why would we want better skin?

Well, in my own experience I had painful, hard spots on my chin that I found embarrassing and which negatively impacted on my confidence. I would spend a fortune on different creams, as well as makeup in an attempt to cover them, but it never felt good and in some cases, I actually made my skin much worse! 

Having clear, supple and healthy skin can help to increase your confidence, make you feel generally better and healthier, as well as reducing the urge to want to cover up your skin with heavy makeup. 

How can synching your skincare to your cycle help?

Firstly, its important to understand how the skin changes during each of the 4 phases of your cycle and which ingredients benefit each phase. 




During pre-ovulation (your inner spring) the week or so after our bleed, oestrogen levels are climbing, meaning that your skin will start to re-balance and you'll benefit from using product ingredients to aid moisturisation, hydration and balancing. As well as ingredients that help to boost your complexion and help your skin to glow! 

You'll also start to feel a little more outgoing than last week during your period, you may feel the urge to get organised, plan or learn something. Your energy will begin to rise again and you'll perhaps be feeling more positive and enthusiastic.

The Luna Rose Botanicals Awaken range corresponds to this phase. The face and body moisturisers contain refreshing organic bergamot essential oil, which is great for balancing and soothing the skin, improving skin tone, reducing itchiness and supporting overall skin health. Containing antiviral and antibacterial properties, it's an amazing oil to help combat the last of any period acne, as well as being helpful in reducing the appearance of scars over time. 

Bergamot is thought to be an oil that uplifts the spirits, improves general wellbeing and can help to steady the nerves. It has the magical ability of being uplifting, whilst also calming and relaxing. 

The moisturisers contain organic palmarosa essential oil, which nourishes, hydrates, balances and tones the skin. It can help to stimulate cell regeneration and controls production of sebum, meaning that it can help oily skin, as well as balancing drier complexions. Palmarosa helps to keep skin supple and can improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars. 

Palmarosa helps to brighten and revive the complexion, as well as helping to reduce fine lines and pores. Antibacterial properties help to reduce any signs of period acne. 

The moisturisers, wash and face mask for this range contain organic geranium essential oil. This beautifully floral oil helps to balance the skins as well as the emotions. This oil can help to reduce puffiness whilst toning the skin. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful for reducing acne and pimples. Geranium is a cooling oil, great for soothing dry and inflamed skin, perfect following your period which can cause your skin to become inflamed, drier and spottier. This oil again can help to reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines over time. 



During your inner summer, or ovulation, (around two weeks after your bleed) your skin is often looking its best. Oestrogen is at its highest and a rush of testosterone means you may be feeling outgoing, sociable, sexy and sensual.

Whilst it would be easy to sit back and enjoy your radiant skin, now is the time to plan ahead and help your skin into tiptop condition ahead of autumn/winter, as your period gets closer. 

Hydration boosting, skin brightening and refreshing ingredients are recommended, as well as calming, sensual oils. During autumn, oestrogen will begin to drop and testosterone and progesterone increase causing oiler skin, with the potential for blocked pores and acne. 

The Radiance range moisturisers, mask and wash therefore contain sweet orange essential oil to aid detoxification and cleansing of the skin, brightening the complexion and improving skins circulation. Revitalising the skin and having a good clear out, ensuring that your skin is clear, supple and toned.

Orange oil can help the skin to repair by promoting collagen production, antiseptic properties help to keep acne or spots at bay. Orange oil is energising and uplifting for the emotions, helping you to enjoy this time of vibrant energy in your cycle.

Calming neroli essential oil helps to hydrate, refresh and tones to skin, helping to regulate moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Antiseptic properties make this an amazing oil for acne and spots, its also an effective toner. This oil also smells beautiful, relaxing and slightly floral.

Sensual, organic ylang ylang is included for its beautiful balancing action on the skin, improving the complexion, regulating sebum and supporting acne prone skin. 

Ylang ylang is an amazing cleanser, it nourishing and soothes the skin whilst toning and restoring. This oil also smells incredible, floral and exotic, it helps to calm whilst being uplifting and thought of as an aphrodisiac! Perfect for the time of the cycle when you're at your most sexy. 



Inner autumn, or pre-menstrual (a week or so before your period) This is when many people struggle with their skin, as well as possibly feeling more irritable, critical or anxious. Oestrogen drops as progesterone rises leading to oilier skin that is more prone to irritation and spots.

It's tempting at this phase to use oil free, or harsh products to strip away the oils, but this can be counteractive as it encourages the skin to produce more sebum/oil. Oils, butters and essential oils in skincare can help to regulate the production of sebum and antibacterial properties can help to prevent bacterial build up which leads to spots. Therefore supporting better balanced and clearer skin. 

The energy of spring and summer is waning, you're more likely to feel like resting and putting on hold anything that can wait until after your period. 

With this in mind, the Harmony range contains organic lavender essential oil in the moisturisers, wash and mask. Soothing for the skin, as well as the nerves. Lavender helps to regenerate, soften and condition the skin, it has amazing skin healing and antiseptic properties, making it great for inflamed skin or acne. Lavender is used in first aid for burns and it is great for soothing dry skin conditions.

The moisturisers contain organic geranium essential oil as mentioned above, this oil has fantastic antibacterial properties, helping to deal with and prevent pre-period breakouts. It can help to balance the skin, as well as the emotions. Regulating excess sebum as well as being calming and relaxing.

Organic cedarwood is included for its deeply calming and grounding fragrance, helping you to relax. Cedarwood is also very soothing for skin, as well as containing anti-inflammatory properties, great for inflamed skin! Cedarwood is a warming oil which can help to tone, balance and heal the skin.

Organic yarrow tincture is also included for its soothing, skin healing, astringent and antiseptic qualities, helping to regulate oily skin. 



Our cycle starts on the first day of our bleed. At this time oestrogen and progesterone are lowest and skin is likely to be looking lack lustre, dull and may feel dry or sensitive. 

You'll naturally feel more withdrawn and will likely seek comfort and rest as your body releases. 

The Restore range moisturisers contain organic frankincense, which is an amazing skin loving oil. Calming, toning, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for the skin, it helps to reduce pores, rejuvenates the complexion and reduce lines and blemishes.

The wonderful fragrance of frankincense helps to ground and soothe us, encouraging introspection as a meditative essential oil, which has been used by many cultures in prayer.

Rose de mai absolute provides skin soothing, calming and healing. Acting as a skin tonic, conditioner and gentle astringent. This is a beautiful essential oil with a deep rose fragrance which helps to cool, relax and calm.

Artic cranberry extract is included for its protective, nourishing and protective properties along with antioxidant hawthorn and sweet chestnut extracts.

Organic patchouli essential oil combines to help to repair, tone and cleanse the skin. Helping the skin to regenerate, reducing scars, aiding moisturisation and balancing sebum. Organic Patchouli is included in the mask and wash for this range, along with lavender essential oil for its deeply calming, grounding and skin conditioning properties. 


Our skin is a reflection of our inner health

Often what's going on on the inside is reflected by our skin on the outside. 

Skincare is only part of the equation, nutrition, exercise, stress and lifestyle also play a part. 

If you're really struggling with your skin, I'd recommend that you have a look at your nutrition, be really honest, are you getting a great balanced diet filled with vegetables, fruit, nuts, pulses, healthy fats and lean protein? 

Do you drink plenty of water each day? In my experience, many people are chronically under hydrated, this can have a huge impact on your skin making it look lack lustre and dry. 

Exercise is also key to your skin's health, light walking that gets the heart pumping a little is absolutely fine, you'll see an improvement in your skin, looking brighter after even the first walk!

Stress is an enemy to bright, healthy skin. I recommend that you look at what's causing you stress in your life and take steps to reduce it, as well as implementing relaxation techniques.

Activities such as excess alcohol consumption and smoking will also be detrimental to your skin. 

Skin, lifestyle and relaxation consultations

Bespoke skin, lifestyle and relaxation calls and support packages are now available via Skype, FaceTime or Phone!!

Bringing together 17 years experience of working in healthcare, with 9 years as a registered nurse, prior to setting up my business. As well as my extensive training in holistic skincare, nutrition and relaxation therapies.

Great skin comes from a combination of lifestyle and amazing natural skincare products. I can help you to prioritise your skin and lifestyle goals and take positive, achievable action to keep you on track. 



How to book

If you’re struggling with your skin, feeling embarrassed, or have painful acne, please get in touch to discuss a plan forward. As someone who’s previously experienced painful, hard spots and oil slick skin, I know how disheartening starting yet another week with spots and feeling uncomfortable in your skin can be.  

Choose from one of my 3 levels of support (click to find out more!) 

1) A free of charge initial 30 minute skincare consultation

2) A one hour skin, lifestyle and relaxation consultation.

3) My exclusive 4 week "Radiant Skin" advanced support package. 





I am a qualified nurse and holistic therapist, having extensively studied aromatherapy, relaxation therapies and nutrition, I bring over 17 years healthcare knowledge and experience together to help women overcome stress, skin issues and hormonal imbalance. 

My passion is helping others to improve their skin, health and confidence, please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Hayley xxxx






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  • Thank you for this wonderful post I’ll be saving this and keeping it in mind when I eventually get my cycle back after having my baby. It’s a very interesting read x


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