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Menstrual Cycle Awareness


I talk a lot about cycle awareness and re-connecting to your cycle with my clients and customers. This was something I hadn't even heard of until 2017 when my menstrual cycle disappeared due to stress and a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.

Not a nice time, I felt lost, worried and unfeminine. Turns out it was a time of spiritual and personal growth and set me on an amazing journey for which I'm now forever grateful!

I had no cycle for around 5 months, I had seen the GP and realised there was nothing medically to do, it was a matter of looking at life style, reducing the impact of my stressful job (which I've now happily left!) and improving my nutrition. All of which can impact hormones.

At the same time, I began to really connect with the luna phases, knowing that the luna energies ebb and flow correspond to our menstrual cycle, as well as the seasons in nature. I believe it was taking note of the monthly luna phases that helped me to actually rather quickly get back on track, within a couple of months of checking in with the luna phases my cycle had returned.

So how did I do this? Well, for me it was natural to use crystals and aromatherapy, which were already a part of my daily life. I started to tune in and check which crystals and essential oils I was drawn too.

What I quickly found was that during my period, I wanted Earthy, grounding crystals and essential oils which encouraged introspection and meditation, such as carnelian, moss agate as well as pink quartz for self care and love. I wanted rose, cedarwood and frankincense essential oils. During the first week after my period, I was drawn to green, blues crystals and balancing and fresh essential oils, such as geranium and cypress. The third week around ovulation, I wanted fiery crystals oranges and yellows. I was also drawn to energising and sensual essential oils, such as sweet orange, ylang ylang and neroli. The week before my period, not surprisingly, I was drawn towards calming crystals, amethyst, rose quartz again, tigers eye and lots of lavender and cedar wood essential oil to calm and ground me!

It was through this experimenting and (lots!) of subsequent research into the properties of essential oils that led me to create Luna Rose Botanicals cyclic skin & bath rituals!

By using the products, in line with your cycle you can really start to connect to the four phases and the different energies of each. I have also found that by changing my products, in tune with my cycle, my skin has improved dramatically, I previously used to really struggle with dry areas, oil and breakouts related to my cycle.

I also noticed corresponding changes to my energy, during my period, I wanted rest, retreat, to focus on me for a couple of days, cosy up and do nothing (which is now what I do with amazing effect, even an hour of relaxation would help!)

The week following, my energy gradually increases, I found I was interested in planning, creating, learning. This would then reach a crescendo around ovulation where I'd feel energised, most sociable and loving.

Finally this energy would begin to wane and I'd start to feel critical of myself and others. This was my biggest break through as it had previously been a time where I'd be unkind in my self talk and frustrated with myself. I realised that this just highlighted what I needed to work on, refining my life and goals.

Whatever was thrown up during this time was indicating (not so subtly as I hadn't been listening!) what I need to change in my life. It was often things such as self critics for my weight or nutritional choices, I felt I could and should have been better and I'd begin feeling paranoid about it.

To chart my cycle, I brought an Astro Moon Diary ( and each day jotted down a couple of words which resonated with how I was feeling, physically and emotionally. This diary is amazing as it shows the daily moon phase and makes it so easy to see the correlation between your own cycle and the moon. I've had the same for 2019 and its awesome!

I also looked into flower remedies and used Australian Bush Essences which you can find here:

Now cycle awareness is an ingrained part of my life and one that I want to share to help others who may have difficulties with their cycle, or just as a tool for encouraging self care, personal growth and body awareness. I can now plan my life around me and my cycle. Why would I plan something difficult for during my period, when I can book it for ovulation when I'm feeling my most energised!?

I cannot prove to you that these methods work, they haven't been validated, but there is a growing momentum of women around the globe discovering these tools and techniques and reporting the benefits.

For me, I have found that my period is now a pleasure, yes, REALLY! :-) I love that its a time to rest, sleep more, dream, journal and meditate. I find that I get much reduced cramping compared with previously Some of my best ideas come to me at this time, which I can jot down and then begin to plan and implement the following week.

I love my ovulation time, I'm my most creative, loving, sociable and energised. My previous PMT has resolved, I now feel calm and actually quite relieved the week period my period as I know I'm approaching my time of ultimate self care and release where I can let go anything that no longer serves me.

When you start to notice these changes, you can stop criticising yourself, stop calling yourself lazy if you don't gym on your period and begin to notice and utilise the amazing ebbs and flows of creative, spiritual and energetic energies.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a bit more about menstrual cycle awareness, the blog does contain affiliate links to the items that I've used to help me on my journey and I'm sure you'll love them too.

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