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High Vibes Only!



“High Vibes Only!” This is a “spiritual” phrase that I see banded about a lot. For me personally, this does not resonate at all. Perhaps I used to aspire to it, but now I realise that spirituality for me at least, is about embracing the cyclic nature of life. Part of this cyclic pattern means that there will be times of light and times of dark.

We cannot fully embrace the light if we don’t acknowledge, work on and release the dark.
Yes, I absolutely approach life from a heart open place of love and I engage with activities, practices and people that rise me up. I believe that we are limitless, abundant, powerful beings of love and light, but I also acknowledge that at times I won’t feel “High vibe!” and this is ok, in fact it’s more than ok!
We are here having a human experience on Earth. We are here to feel and experience the whole wave of emotions, hurt, grief, anger, as well as peace, love and harmony. To fear feeling these less positive emotions for fear of appearing “less spiritual” or less enlightened, only closes us off to the journey that our darker, shadow experiences often lead us to and from which we emerge stronger.
By consciously avoiding feeling these “low vibe” thoughts or emotions, we may end up living in a state of avoidance, hiding or masking our true feelings, internalising them and perhaps even chastising ourselves for not being “high vibe!” in that moment. We do not need to fear energy or vibes, energy is neither good nor bad, it just is, it’s how we react that counts.
It’s ok not to feel ok, we are cyclic beings and whilst there will be cycles which are easier to navigate, there will also be those that are harder.
The moon and her many faces teaches us that while we may presently be in the shadows, we are still whole, a perfect creation of love and light.
Mother Nature, our greatest teacher shows us that there is a time for emerging full of anticipation in Spring, a time for full bloom and high energy in Summer, a time to release and let go in Autumn and a time to rest, retreat and go within in Winter.
Our cycle as menstruating woman also encourages us to go within during our bleed time each month. To honour and release emotions and feelings that we may not have previously acknowledged. This release is health and a natural part of the cycle of life. The dark moon also encourages this introspection and release. We often think of releasing “negative” energy, but again energy is neither good or bad, it is our interpretation that counts. There is always a lesson and spiritual growth to be found, even in the hardest times.
At this time of year there can be additional pressure to be full of “love and light.” You may not feel this just now and that’s ok. Please ensure that you have what you need for self care at this time of year and get any support on board that you may need.

Know that you are perfect and loved on each and every day of the year. The sun will set and rise again, just like any other day and from there the cycle continues

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