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Goddess Calls


Living each day, day to day, nothing out of the usual way.
A subtle call, a call from your soul.
A call of a knowledge you’ve known before.
A gentle beat, coming from the ground.

A call from your soul.

A call of a knowledge you’ve known before.
A spiral dance, to a quickening beat.
The spirals of your heart, the beat beneath your feet.
Pushing it down, down beneath.
Down within, but she’s here to stay.

Nothing out of the usual way.

Your soul, she whispers, you hear her call.
A knowledge that you’ve known all before.
A stronger beat, a beat in your heart and beneath your feet.

Harder to ignore, you carry on as before.

Living each day, day to day.
Harder to ignore. She calls and she calls, more and more.
The spirals of your heart.

A beating to your core.

Then one day, a day like before.
You fall and you break.
You can ignore no more.
You dance and you swirl, the spirals of your heart.

Louder and louder, still she calls.

You feel all alone, living day to day, like you have before.
What does she need, the one who knows.
The one who’s heard it all before.

You answer the call, from deep within.

You know what she needs.
You rise and you dance, the spirals of your soul.
You call and you call, others hear your call.

Others who know, who have known before.

You rise and you rise.
Rise, for the ones before,
The ones to come and the ones who fall.

Dancing your spiral dance.

Answering your call.

© Hayley Merrick 2017

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