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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out???


Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or struggling to sleep?

Is it really beginning to show in your face just how shattered you are, with dark circles, spots or a dull complexion? Are you living on sugar, caffeine and adrenaline and desperate the break the cycle?

Do people say lovely things like “ooh you look tired today” and do you feel like screaming back “yes I bloody feel it!”

If this sounds like you, I have the answer!

Skincare alone isn’t going to cut it, but have you thought about booking an advanced 4 week skin, lifestyle and relaxation package? That you can complete without even leaving the house or changing out of your pjs!?

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start when you feel like you’re at rock bottom. We’ll prioritise your concerns and I’ll help you to devise skin, health and wellbeing goals.

I will contact you over the course of 4 to 8 weeks depending on your needs. 

We’ll start with the most pressing concern, often this is stress or insomnia. I’ll provide you with quick, easy and proven techniques to help you to relax and sleep better.

We’ll discuss your skin needs and I’ll send you a full set of suitable aromatherapy skincare to support not only your skin, but your wellbeing, helping you to relax and sleep better, due to therapeutic, relaxing essential oils. 

Finally, once you’re feeling less frazzled, we can address any underlying concerns, such as lifestyle changes, broken down into easily manageable goals. Small, sustainable changes are key!

I’ll support you all the way, utilising my extensive knowledge as an occupational health and wellbeing nurse and my holistic relaxation, nutrition and skincare training. You’ll also have access to me via email in between sessions. 

There’s no judgement, I know the impact that stress has on your whole life and body, as only someone who’s been through it can.

My passion is now supporting others through the overwhelm and strain. Revealing radiant skin and a radiant you! 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please get in touch. I’m happy to provide a free of charge consultation, so you can get a feel for me and how I work, then we’ll go from there. 

There’s more information on my website and if you’re ready to dive in, you can book online via the link below. 

Ps, I know that as you’ve read this far, you’re ready to put the work in once you have a plan and support in place. This isn’t a diet plan, or exercise regime and it isn’t a miracle cure. It’s about getting clarity and identifying and making sustainable changes, for a happier you!

This amazing package is available at the very special introductory price of just £222, including a skin care bundle!

Be quick as I have a limited number of places at this price and the price will increase at the endnote of August!



I am a qualified nurse and holistic therapist, having extensively studied aromatherapy, relaxation therapies and nutrition, I bring over 17 years healthcare knowledge and experience together to help women overcome stress, skin issues and hormonal imbalance. 

My passion is helping others to improve their skin, health and confidence, please get in touch to discuss your needs. 



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