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Luna Rose Journal

  • High Vibes Only!

        “High Vibes Only!” This is a “spiritual” phrase that I see banded about a lot. For me personally, this does not resonate...
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out???

    Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or struggling to sleep?

    Is it really beginning to show in your face just how shattered you are, with dark circles, spots or a dull complexion? Are you living on sugar, caffeine and adrenaline and desperate the break the cycle?

  • Menstrual Cycle Skincare - Synching your skincare ingredients to your cycle

    Have you ever noticed that your skin changes throughout each phase of your monthly cycle?   

    If you're like me, I used to have a vague idea that my skin was always spottier just before my period. It never occurred to me to really try to understand why, or to change my skincare accordingly. I just thought that was how it was!

    Actually, your skin changes throughout your monthly cycle. Even if you don't really notice much of a difference, your skin will be changing due to hormonal fluctuations. By being aware of this changes and changing up your skincare routine, you can really maximise your skin at each stage. 

  • Menstrual Cycle Skincare - Why You Need it

    If you're like me, I used to have a drawer full of half used face creams, often marketed as "miracle creams" and cure alls, promising beautiful clear skin.

    I was struggling on with my skin, but then in 2017 my periods stopped and I was told that I had polycystic ovaries. This led me to research my cycle, the luna phases and how my skin was affected during my cycle. I hadn't realised before, just how linked we are the the moon and how much our skin is affected by our hormones each month. I'd had a vague idea that my skin was worse the week before my period, but I hadn't stopped to factor this into my skincare routine. 

  • Stress, how daily self care can help

    Stress is a part of life, it’s inevitable that in the course of our day to day lives, we will encounter stress. Some stress is good, life would be pretty boring if there was no stress at all and we all just sailed along with nothing to drive us! Stress, or pressure, can help to motivate us, such as having a deadline to complete an assignment. Without the deadline, the assignment might never get finished!


  • Menstrual Cycle Phases

    Have you ever noticed that your energy and emotions fluctuate throughout your monthly cycle? You probably have, but have you ever considered just how these fluctuations may benefit you, rather than only focusing on some of the inconveniences?

    Each week of our cycle brings different levels of creativity, different emotions, energies and focus. The most amazing thing is that each of these 4 phases are also intrinsically linked to the Luna Phases (our cycle is around 30 days in length, as is the luna cycle!)

  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness

    I talk a lot about cycle awareness and re-connecting to your cycle with my clients and customers. This was something I hadn't even heard of until 2017 when my menstrual cycle disappeared due to stress and a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.
  • What Matters Most

    What matters most is not the teeny, tiny piece of "reality" that we create.
    What matters most is that our heart and our soul beat in tune with the pattern of the stars, the planets and the cosmos.
    What matters most is that we are all just tiny parts of a wondrous, connected whole.
    We are not here to strive, but to thrive and live in joy.
    Only now do I see that reality is what we choose it to be.
    This came to me whilst star gazing, one of my favourite pastimes xxx
    © Hayley Merrick 2018


  • Goddess Calls

    Living each day, day to day, nothing out of the usual way.

    A subtle call, a call from your soul.

    A call of a knowledge you’ve known before.

    A gentle beat, coming from the ground.

    A call from your soul.

    A call of a knowledge you’ve known before.

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